On their mantelpiece, my grandparents had a picture of themselves on what I thought was their wedding day. When I was very young I asked Nanna about their wedding and during the story, she told me that they had had the photos taken some days before the actual ceremony (then she showed me her wedding dress which she had kept for more than 40 years).

Fast forward to today and I was speaking to a professional photographer about wedding photos and he talked enthusiastically about this very thing – why don’t the wedding party have their photos taken before the wedding?

I think the obvious answer is cost – hire a photographer for two days, hair and makeup done twice, any cleaning of shirts or clothes, flowers etc. Yikes!

But then I stopped to think about the advantages (and the costs) and I’ve talked myself into some great reasons why you’d consider it.

  1. You can take your time. There’s no need to rush to get where you need to go –  and your guests don’t need to wait in that in between time.
  2. Is it really twice the cost ? Well, it is if you want a photographer in full each day. But you may only want your photographer for the wedding ceremony – so it wont actually be twice the cost. And you can negotiate a good deal with your photographer. And let’s face it, most brides have a practice hair and makeup trial anyway – so do that on the photography day. And many people these days just opt to have friends take pictures. (That’s a lot of “ands”. Sorry.)
  3. Its great if you want really amazing photographs/ glamour shots, off location photos. If you use pinterest (like I do) I’m sure you have many photographic styles you love. These can be beautifully set up for a pre wedding shoot, almost anywhere you want.
  4. But you want to make an entrance and see each other for the first time. Well, you can still do that when you have photos taken before hand. Whether you see each other in your wedding clothes on the day or beforehand, it is still the first time. And you’ll still take each other’s breath away on the day too.
  5. You get to enjoy all the reception fun.

Yep. I think I’m converted.

PS This picture IS of my grandparents. And that’s her dress.